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HIGH PRESSURE IS THE BEST - We are a large biotechnology company with several Mister fog systems in use within the company.  Our
system over other humidification systems because there is no leaching of nutrients out of the plan, significantly lower mortality, and no
overwet conditions. Three of our systems are 1000 psi and one is 500 psi.  We prefer 1000 psi because the fog stays suspended a lot
better.   We especially like the overall evenness and consistency of the system, achieving excellent results with most species yielding
99 to 100 per cent.
                                                                                                                                                                            - Salt Lake City, Utah
COOLS CUSTOMER COMPLAINTS - Our restaurant has an outside dining patio which is a vital part of the operation, especially during
the summer months. Due to the fact our building faces south, our customers were faced with blistering sun and humidity issues.  Since
installing the MEC cooling system two years ago, customer complaints have been satisfied and also have seen an increase in patronage.
Other systems on the market seemed to apply "excessive spray" causing customers to have damp clothing and hair.  As owner, I was so
impressed with the system that we have also had a system installed on our home patio.
                                                                                                                                                                  - Kelowna, British Columbia
MEC would like to highlight one of our clients (using the Mister System) which we believe to be one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in North
America... located in Victoria, British Columbia Canada.  
Victoria Butterfly Gardens were designed and built specifically to showcase the life cycle and
free flight of tropical butterflies and moths. The 12,000 sq ft enclosure is a riot of tropical colour, aroma's and personalities. Stars of the show are the
butterflies themselves - 3000 of them fluttering amongst the flora!
Enjoy up close the stunning beauty and colour of exotic butterflies, tropical ducks, flamingos, other rare tropical birds and Koi swimming in the stream
and pond. Experience this living, breathing visual feast and enjoy a voyage of discovery, into the life of the inhabitants and the tropical habitat.  Be sure
to vist the Victoria Butterfly Gardens website (link provided).  MEC would also like to thank the photographer,
Rebecca Herfst of Chilliwack British
Columbia, one of the rising stars in Canadian Photography.  
Visit the Victoria Butterfly Gardens website
Photography by Rebecca Herfst: website
HELPING MOTHER NATURE - Victoria Butterfly Gardens have trusted the service and quality products of Mec Systems for over ten
years. Hundreds of thousands of butterflies lives have depended on the reliability of  the MEC misting systems for their environmental
control. The service, value and quality is unmatchable. I would recommend their product to anyone looking for a high-end reliable misting
                                                                                                                                                                    - Victoria, British Columbia
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INCREASED PRODUCTIVITY- We installed the Mister system more than a year ago for humidification and cooling on 110,000 sq ft
of rose production. We are extremely happy with the system and especially the dramatic improvement in rose quality.
We can now produce springtime roses with long stems through the summer.
Prior to installing the sytem our summer rose quality was very poor.
                                                                                                                                                                                - Ontario Canada