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Warranty & Maintenance for a “MISTER”™ Misting System

All of MEC’s misting systems come with a 1 year warranty on the pumping unit and 5 years on the
stainless steel nozzle line.  Warranty terms based on Installation & Maintenance manual provided with
each system.  Proper maintenance and installation of your misting system is necessary to ensure
optimum performance and longevity.

Oil should be changed on a regular basis.  The manufacturer of the pump used in the misting system
usually recommends changing the oil every 500 hours.  Some owners prefer to change the oil more
frequently - at 250 –300 hours.   The types of oil to be used vary, depending on the pump used for your
system.  MEC recommends that your first oil change is performed after 20 hours of operation, then all
subsequent oil changes can be at 500 hour intervals or earlier if you choose.

Regularly check the condition of the filters and the incoming pressure gauge at start up to ensure
adequate supply and water pressure to your pumping unit.  To protect your warranty only use
recommended brand filters in system maintenance manual. MEC’s misting systems are designed and
manufactured with a 4 filtration system, consisting of a 25 micron filter, then through a 10 micron filter,
followed by a 5 micron filter, and finishing with a 1 micron filter to ensure as much foreign matter is
removed prior to the water entering the pumping system.  The order of the filters from 25 down to 1 micron
should not be altered since some water sources may contain only large particulates and the need to
change only the 25 micron filter can reduce your maintenance costs.

If your water pressure or flow is restricted due to clogged filters cavitation of the pump may occur, causing
you needless expense to replace the pump.  The incoming water pressure should never exceed 100 psi
and never be lower than 40 psi.
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