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Mountain lodgepole pine beetle forest devestation is evident
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The MEC systems are used to reduce the risk of explosions and fire, as part of a regular mill small to
large sawmill operations.  
A small insect, the mountain lodgepole pine beetle, has devastated pine
forests throughout western Canada and the United States. Reports
indicate over 40 million acres are infected in British Columbia, with mass
swaths also in Alberta and 19 western states. Sawmill operations now face
the challenges of processing the infected logs.
Harvested dry logs present difficulties to sawmill operations in the processing stage. Debarkers
become less efficient because the dry fibre is easily damaged.  
A major processing problem is a finer, drier dust which can be more explosive according to a study
by the Canadian federal government.
Major North American timber companies, as responsible stewards of our forest production, have had
to accept the challenges and many have turned to MEC Systems Inc. to produce misting systems
that can dramatically decrease the liabilities linked to production dust in their sawmill operations.
The “MISTER” system consists of an arrangement of atomizing nozzles, whose function is controlled
by a central control module. The control module maintains the required system operating pressure,
filters the water supply, and activates the operation of the nozzles based on signals received from a
sensor, which is specified according to the application. The “MISTER” system uses ordinary water
that has been treated, filtered, and pumped up to between 600 and 1000 psi. It is then delivered
down a ½” stainless steel tube or flex hose. Unique patented “MISTER” nozzles are
placed at various distances along the tubing. These nozzles atomize the water into billions of micron
sized particles which grab airborne dust particles, dropping them safely to the ground.  The constant
application of moisture also reduces the fire risk of ground ladened particals.
“MISTER” unique atomizing nozzles offer low flow rates as well as a high rate of forward discharge
velocity. This results in high turbulence and therefore, extremely uniform particle distribution. Each
nozzle includes a non-corrosive stainless steel orifice and internal components. A special O-ring seal
design requires only finger tightening for a completely watertight seal. Nozzle orifice diameters range
USGPM. These maximum flow rates are based on a 1000 psi operating pressure. Lowering the by
different MEC nozzles were measured using Laser Doppler Anemometry by Aeromatics (Sunnyvale,
California). Laser Doppler Anemometry (LDA) measures the scatter of laser-light from individual
droplets to yield the size of the droplet as well as its velocity. The results showed that MEC’s nozzles
produced a broad spectrum of droplet sizes ranging from 1 to 50 microns. A majority the droplets, on
a Sauter mean basis, were in the range of 2 to 10 microns in diameter.
It is well known that increasing the relative humidity of air will significantly reduce the amount of dust
in the air. The “MISTER” system controls low humidity levels in the air, thereby reducing this problem.
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