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Misting and fogging systems are designed and sized to fit each application.  Misting systems can be designed for
projects from as small as 4 nozzles, to large projects of thousands of nozzles.

The fogging systems are usually built with pumping units that are designed to supply 5 to 400 nozzles.  Larger areas usually require a multiple number of pumping
units.  The system starts with the right design and nozzle spacing - the number of misting nozzles dictates the size of the pumping unit required.  The amount of
cooling, level of humidity, or the degree of the dust problem will mandate the number and size of nozzles required to ensure your misting system is designed for
maximum efficiency.   MEC’s designers will help you design the appropriate fogging system for your project.
Applications are excellent for any of the following: Poultry/Hog/Dairy farms;
Multiple Industries; Wineries; Commercial operations such as Greenhouses;
Fruit/Vegetable stores; Outdoor Recreational facilities; Residential patios.
A high-pressure fog system is a fraction of
the cost to operate compared to
compressed way to combat dry air and the
problems that come with it in certain
industries such as greenhouses to prevent
moisture loss and stress on plants resulting
in smaller returns on your investment; dry
kilns to increase loads and hasten cycle
times; wine barrel storage facilities to retain
volume that can be wood manufacturing &
storage to maintain quality of wood that
won't warp or swell.
Applications are excellent for any of the following: Dry Kilns; Print Shops
(stop paper from curling, cracking, static build up); any size Greenhouse; Wood
Storage and Manufacturing; Concrete Curing; Textiles (avoid static/shrinkage).
When atomized water is introduced into
dusty environments, the dry fugitive dust
particles absorb the water droplets, causing
them to increase in weight and settle to the
ground.  Dust suppression systems are
invaluable to operators of facilities that are
prone to producing inevitable dust, which
pose health problems to workers and make
machinery cleaning a difficult and costly
Applications are excellent for any of the following: Sawmills (all transition
points including cutting areas, storage, screens, debarking, generator rooms);
Material Processors; Poultry Ranches; Rock Quarries.
Applications are excellent in controlling:  Hydrogen; Sulphur Dioxide;
Methyl Mercaptan; Ethyl Mercaptan; Skatoles; Indoles; Amines; Carbon Dioxide
Misting or Fogging may be used in a variety of areas around a refinery.  
These areas usually include water treatment facilities, sludge ponds, sulfur
recovery units and API separators. During tank cleaning and maintenance
operations, portable dispersion systems can be used in the immediate work
area to control odourous emissions.
Without the necessary component of odour
the risk of creating an unsafe working
environment as well as causing damage to
the environment.  All areas of solid waste
handling are, by nature, odourous affairs.
Composting and co-composting facilities,
as well as landfills all generate odours
which can be offensive to the workers and
to the surrounding community.  Different
types of solid wastes generate different
odours including ammonia, methane and
other odourous mercaptans.
MEC Misting or Fogging systems are ideal for all these locations.  As with
most odours, emissions are intensified by agitation.  When compost rows are
turned or solid waste is off-loaded, there is a dramatic increase in the amount
of odour in the atmosphere. It is important for odour and waste to be
managed at transfer stations.
INDUSTRIAL :  factories, warehouses, cement factories, truck and train
loading areas, hangars, oil refineries, sewage and compost treatment plants,
pre cooling of rooftop condensers.
SAWMILL INDUSTRY:  All transition points, dry kilns, processing areas,
cutting areas, debarking areas, screens, generator rooms, wood storage
COMMERCIAL & RESIDENTIAL:  Hotel and residential swimming pool areas,
restaurant patios, golf course driving ranges, private homes, tennis courts,
theme parks, special effects, tourist attractions, rest areas, customer line ups,
SPORTS FACILITIES:  Baseball and football stadiums, auto race tracks,
horse racing tracks, tennis courts.
AGRICULTURE:  Poultry barns, greenhouses, hog barns, horse stables,
dairy barns, plant and bulb storage areas, medical cannabis grow operations,
wineries and barrel storage areas.
The systems use multiple thermostats and
zone controls to ensure an even
distribution of temperature levels in any
setting or circumstance.  Whether for a
farm, factory, winery, greenhouse or
storage facility, MEC technologies are an
efficient and cost effective solution. The
flash evaporation in the system can be
used in any environment or climate - low or
high humidity - without creating excess
moisture that can interrupt operations and
make for an uncomfortable workplace.
MEC systems break down and scrub gas
water particulates to ensure odours are
eliminated. Our systems comply with all
Government Regulations.  Odour control
and multiple forms of waste water treatment
are heavily regulated by the governement.
In order to avoid fines and penalities it's
important for you to know and comply with
the changing regulations.
Odour neutralizing agents can also be
injected through the system to control
odorous gases.
Mist can be directly injected into flues and
stacks and may be used as a substitute
scrubbing solution in some applications.  
Sulfides, mercaptans and hydrocarbon
compounds are all closely related to the oil
industry. The odours generated from these
compounds are of a high nuisance value
and generally create concern among local
air control boards and the general public.
With our proven Odour Control System
– MEC Systems Inc is emerging as a
leader in the field of "legal" cannabis
odour control. Using a Plant Oil based
Odour Control Agent – which is
injected into the Misting Pumping Unit –
and dispersed through MEC’s
patented Nozzles - our Odour Control
for Legal Cannabis neutralizes the
heavy cannabis odour without any
damage to plants and is safe for staff
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